Everyone is invited to view this magnificent sculpture in the front courtyard of PBC any time.

Strength of One

President George Bush, Sr. and his son, George W. Bush, were on hand to dedicate this statue, given to PBC in 1993 by the Bass Fishermen of America during one of their world famous tournaments.
Lincoln Fox, sculptor of The Strength of One, speaks about why he chose this particular form:

“As you might suspect, this project was one of my greatest challenges; how to mold into physical form those most elusive qualities of the spirit. In time, it came to me just what I had to do.

The two men represent the ongoing struggle we face while living and growing in our environment with the stronger reaching out to help a weaker brother. Throughout history The Strength of One has often become the salvation of another. To help identify with this tension, I gave the stronger man the personality and physical attributes of the Biblical Peter, and formed the weaker reminiscent of the young Timothy.

The eagle universally represents the highest aspirations of man–soaring far above physical limitations and opening new possibilities. It depicts great power held in balance and its excellent skill in fishing exemplifies the professional ability of great fishermen.

The bass represents itself, for it was from this delightful creature that sprang multiple industries, improved environment, and a new level of out-door recreation to excite and soothe the soul of man.

Running water reminds us of the relentless passing of time; forcing all of us to count our days and seize our opportunities each and every day.

The name The Strength of One reflects our mutual dependence on one another. For today’s weakness is tomorrow’s strength.”